WhatsApp’s 10 Funny Tricks.

WhatsApp's 10 Funny Tricks.

Top 10 New Secret Whatsapp Tricks. Friends, if you are a Daily user of Whatsapp, then this post can be very awesome for you, today we will talk about Whatsapp 10 Funny Tips, Tricks, and Hacks.

It would be known to all that WhatsApp world best messaging app has become in today’s time, and almost everyone uses internet users. By the way, many tips, tricks, and hacks from WhatsApp have come up to now but in today you will tell about the 10 funny tricks of WhatsApp, 10 new secret WhatsApp tricks.

If you want to know about WhatsApp or Facebook Tips & Tricks  &  Instagram Tips & Tricks and Android Tips & Tricks, iPhone Tips & Tricks &  Computer Tricks, then I have already told them all about it. And in today you will tell about WhatsApp’s 10 Funny Tricks (Hindi Tricks In Hindi).

WhatsApp’s 10 Funny Tricks 

#1 Read Whatsapp Messages Without The Sender Know!

Do you know that you can read the message of the sender without knowing it at WhatsAppSpace, and there will not be a bluetick in his phone? Follow the steps mentioned below to use this trick.

  1. First of all, Flight Mode On on your phone.
  2. Now open WhatsApp, and read any message and read any message.
  3. Turn off the Baps flight mode.
  4. Now you are done!  😎

#2 Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number!

Did you know that you can use Whitespace without using your mobile number and sim card That is also an international and fake number? How to use WhatsApp without number? His full information is here.

#3 Recover Your Deleted Whatsapp Messages!

If you lose any important Whatsapp message, or your Whatsapp gets uninstalled, then you can easily recover your Whatsapp messages and chat.

#4 Use Multiple Whatsapp Account In One Phone!

In today’s time, almost everyone uses the Internet user WhatSpeap, and many people use two, three and four WhatsApp accounts in their own mobile phones. If you also want to create two, three and four WhatsApp accounts in one of your mobile phones, then there is complete information about it here.

#5 Download Whatsapp Status!

Do you know that you can save and download status photo and video of any of your contacts at WhatsAppSpace. if not! How to Download Whatsapp Status? His full information is here.

#6 Unblock Yourself from Any Number!

If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, and you want to unblock yourself and send a message to him, how to unblock yourself from WhatsApp? His full information is here.

#7 Send Photos Without Quality Loss!

All of you know that, whatever we send and share photos and images to WhatsApp, they all become compressed, and their size and quality also decrease.

So if you are asked to send photos without any quality on WhatsApp, then there is complete information about it.

#8 Create Fake Conversation of You Whatsapp Messages!

This trick to create fake conversation image of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp Chat is very old. But even if you do not know then how to create a fake conversation image with any number on WhatsApp? His full information is here.

#9 Crash Your Friend’s Whatsapp!

If you want to do Whatsapp crash of any of your friends and hang up his phone then you can do it easily with the help of Bomber apk. How to crash a buddy WhatsApp and how to make a WhatsApp message? His full information is here.

#10 Use Fake Thumbnail In Photos!

You will see this trick used in many photos on Whotspap, sometimes it happens that whenever we open any picture, then from above it is something else, but by opening it, someone else from inside The picture is the same.

If you also want to use this Fake Thumbnail trick, try downloading the Z-Photo Fakeapp in your Android phone.

So friends were those Top 10 New Secret WhatsApp Tricks In Hindi Hopefully you will surely like.

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