What is Cyber Crime?

What is Cyber Crime?

What is Cyber Crime – What Is Cyber Crime In Hindi If you do not know what cybercrime is, and you have any questions related to cybercrime in your mind, then today you will get answers to all your questions in this post. In today’s post, in this post, we are aware of what Cybercrime is – what is Cyber Crime in Hindi & Types of Cyber Crime in Hindi and How to Avoid Cyber Crime? And what are cyber laws in India?

Do you want to know what is cybercrime? How can we save ourselves? Today you will be reading about the incidents of cybercrime on television, newspapers, radio and social media. If you also use the Internet then as a conscious Internet user you must be aware of cybercrime so that you can safely make use of technology by staying safe.

Today we are living in the era of technology where new inventions are coming. On the one hand, our lives are becoming easier, while the other cybercrime is increasing. Today, with the help of Computer, Smartphone, etc. Devices, where we can easily do many tasks at home while on the other hand, some people play with others’ online privacy for their benefit.

Friends, what is this cybercrime? How can we save ourselves from being a victim of cybercrime? If you also want to know what is cybercrime and other information related to it, then you must read this article from today to the end.

In today’s post, in this post, we are aware of what Cybercrime is – what is Cyber Crime in Hindi & Types of Cyber Crime in Hindi and How to Avoid Cyber Crime? And what are cyber laws in India?

What is a cybercrime – What is Cyber Crime in Hindi

Simply put, crime is done with the help of cyber crime computer. And people who commit these crimes are known as hackers, crackers, etc. This is a crime which can be punished with the fierce penalty or even a jail sentence.

Hackers use hacking computers, online scams with the help of spamming, stealing public information, stealing public documents, making private documents public, spam emailing, and other illegal methods for their benefit.

This crime can happen in many ways, such as stealing, destroying any information and making changes in that information. And to perform all these crimes, people’s activities can be monitored by using email spam, hacking, and viruses.

A computer is mainly used for cybercrime, hence cybercrime is also called computer crime. Today hackers are committing crimes by breaking the Internet’s complex security. Because of which it has become a serious topic for the people.

Types of Cyber Crime – Types Of Cyber Crime In Hindi

In most cases of cybercrime, people’s personal information is stolen and misused. Hackers try to steal username and passwords through social media and websites.

Hackers send phishing e-mails to a user through an attractive message link, so that if the user clicks on the link and then fills the information sought on that page. The Hackers succeed in their intentions and collect all these details and thus you can steal your personal information hackers.

If you do not know what is phishing? So what is the phishing attack? And how to survive this? I have already told detail about that.

Cybercriminals send software to your computer via social media or other means, which can spread viruses to your computer if installed. And this virus can damage all your computer’s files.

Hackers can steal your personal information with the help of a phone call In many cases it has been observed that cybercriminals ask your bank account and another bank-related information through fraudulent call and after giving information you ask, all the money is stolen from your bank account. And you become a victim of a fake.

Apart from this, cybercriminals spread wrong rumors on social networking sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp For this, they raise many issues, mostly by which the religious sentiments of the people are hurt. Generally, the main purpose of hackers is to click the users on the link created by them and when they fill their name and other information, the data goes to cyber criminal

How to survive cybercrime?

If you are an internet user! It is possible that you may also be a victim of cyber crime due to a small mistake, so here are some tips which you can carefully avoid using yourself as a victim of cybercrime.

The most important thing is that today there are many unwanted links on social media Facebook, Whatsapp, you should not enter any kind of information by clicking on any unwanted link.

Apart from this, you should change the password of all the accounts of social media as well as the password of credit card debit card, etc. from time to time. And try to set a password that does not include your name and birthdate etc., so that hackers will not be able to find your information.

With the help of hacking, hackers may aim to attack the virus in a computer. And all your files and other data may be missing from the virus. So always install it in the updated antivirus computer, as well as possible, buying a better antivirus can be useful for you.

Always use your personal computer USB Smartphone to do banking transactions. Do not use an account of banking transactions in more crowded places like the cyber cafe and any other person’s device.

Beware of fake websites! The user interface of these websites is similar to the banking website shopping website. But these websites used by hackers may be victims of cybercrime for logging in to the id of their bank account or filling out their personal information. And it is always important to know the exact URL of that website before typing banking transactions or other essential information on a site.

What Is Cyber Law in India in Hindi

Friends’ in India for different crimes from ‘Information Technology Act, 2000’ section 65, 66, 66B, 66C, 66D, 66E, 66F, 67, 67A, 67B, 67C, 68, 69, 70 and Section 71 ₹ 20,000 There are a fine of up to 1,000,000 and there is a provision of imprisonment for three to five years.

Hopefully, you’ve got complete information related to Cyber Crime. And now you may have come to know what cybercrime is – What is Cyber Crime in Hindi & Types of Cyber Crime in Hindi and How to Avoid Cyber Crime? And what are cyber laws in India?

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