How To Unlock Pattern Any Phones In A 2Minets.

How To Unlock Pattern Any Phones In A 2Minets.

PIN of Android mobile, password, pattern lock? Or how to open the pattern lock forgot? These questions will be of many people. Because such a condition never arrives in front of the mobile user. Put a pattern lock on your phone and forget itOr small children in the house also lock the phone while playing a game. In such a situation, you will only be able to receive the phone receipt. The phone will be locked again after cutting. In this post for a Condition  Samsung, Htc, Sony, Oppo, Micromax, Vivo, Lenovo, Lg, Intex Mobile pattern lock to break the best way to tell. Which is 100% working. Read it carefully even if your phone is not locked. In this post, there will be tips on avoiding such situations and easy solving.

For mobile, PIN, password or pattern lock security. We keep many things on the phone, which is very important to keep it safe. Such as photos, videos, and other banking-related passwords. Even small children in the house want to keep the phone safe. For this, they put a pattern / PIN or password as security.

But it happens to many people that they themselves forget it. Ie PIN, password or pattern lock was imposed? Forget it After that, either to unlock those pattern locker to help others, or to format the phone itself. You have to pay 200 to 300 rupees for this.

But from now on you will be able to do this work at home itself.¬†Its step by step information is sharing.¬†For this, you have to give some time to read the post till the end.¬†So let’s begin to run.

How to open pattern lock? Best way

The easiest way to break the pattern lock is by doing a hard reset by bringing the phone to recovery mode. This is very simple and it will take you just two minutes. 

Friends For the first time, check your phone that the battery should contain at least 30 to 40%.¬†Do not stop in the middle of the hard reset process.¬†If low then charge first.¬†So let’s start.

To break the pattern lock of your Samsung mobile, you have to open its recovery mode option.¬†¬†Let’s first switch off your phone.

Then press Volume Up + Power Button + Home Button together. Keep pressing it until the people on the phone are open. Well, it opens in a while. (10 to 15 seconds) can also see in the screenshot below.

After this, you will find many options. The Wipe Data / Factory Reset Please select. Use Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to go up to this option, which means to go upstairs. And use the Power Button to select.

Now to confirm, by the Volume Down button, yes… Delete All User Data by Power Button.¬†As mentioned in the screenshot below –

Next, select Reboot System Now in the next step.¬†Like the screenshot below –

In this way, your mobile will be opened in a little hard reset. You will notice that password lock or PIN lock or pattern lock is unlocked. Now it has become a completely new mobile. That is, you will have to re-establish its basic settings.

This¬†is the way Samsung breaks the pattern of mobile phones.¬†Let’s talk about some more branded mobile, how to open a lock in it.¬†¬†

Oppo Mobile Ka Pattern Lock Todne Ka Tarika

  • To break the pattern of OPPO mobile, first, turn off the mobile.¬†Then, to bring it into recovery mode,¬†¬†press¬†Volume Down¬†¬†+ Power button¬†simultaneously.¬†
  • After the recovery mode is open, follow the same steps as mentioned in Samsung Mobile.¬†

Vivo Mobile Ka Pattern Lock Kaise Death

  • First off the mobile.¬†Then press¬†Volume Up¬†¬†+¬†¬†Power button¬†for 5 seconds simultaneously.
  • After the recovery mode is open, the hard reset is done.¬†The next step is the same as Samsung Mobile.¬†You can follow the same step.

Micromax Mobile Ka Pattern Lock Kaise Khole

  • To get the Micro Max mobile in recovery mode, turn off the mobile first.¬†Then¬†press¬†Volume Up¬†¬†+¬†¬†Volume Down¬†¬†+¬†¬†Power button¬†simultaneously.¬†
  • After the recovery mode is open, make a hard reset.¬†The pattern lock of its Micromax mobile will be unlocked.¬†

Sony Mobile Ka Password Kaise Tode

  • Turn off the mobile first to open Sony Mobile’s Pattern or Password Lock.¬†Then¬†press Volume Up and Volume Down button¬†together.¬†
  • After entering the recovery mode, select the hard reset option and reboot.¬†Once the mobile is on, the pattern lock will be unlocked.¬†

HTC Mobile Ka Pattern Lock Kaise Tode

  • If you use branded smartphones like HTC and the pattern is locked in it, turn it off to remove it and press¬†Volume Down¬†¬†+¬†¬†Power button¬†together.¬†
  • After the recovery mode, make the mobile hard reset.¬†As told in Samsung Mobile.¬†In this way¬†htc¬†can open a¬†mobile lock.¬†

[NOTE] –¬†The option to open the recovery mode in different models may be different.¬†You can find it by searching on Google.¬†

For example, my handset is Samsung J2 Pro, then I will search on Google –¬†what the recovery mode of Samsung galaxy j2¬†¬†or j2 pro.¬†There will be many search results when you search.¬†Also, click on any of them¬†You will know your phone’s recovery mode.¬†Like the screenshot below –

After the recovery mode option is detected, the information about what to do next has been reported in this post. If you have any problems finding the recovery mode option of any mobile, then type in the comment box below. We will reply to the recovery option. 

In this way you will know how to break the pattern of any mobile. You will not have to charge 200 to 300 for this now. You will be able to unlock it yourself at your own home.

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