How to Hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos From Gallery

How to Hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos From Gallery

How to hide WhatsApp media from an Android gallery in Hindi? Why do you want to hide the media from the WhatsApp media? Friends, if you want to remove your Whitespace data from your gallery then today I will tell you how to hide all the data photos, videos, gif images, text messages, the database from Whatsapp easily in gallery or WhatsApp photo and video How to hide from the gallery?

Friends Whatsapp is the most commonly used messenger app in today’s time, and on Whatsapp, everybody has some or no data that they want to hide from the people.90% people first open the gallery while using anyone’s phone.

So friends, if you want to hide your Whatsapp data from gallery then this post can be quite helpful for you. Today in this post I will tell you how to easily hide your WhatsApp photos and videos from Gallery?

How to hide WhatsApp photos and videos from Gallery?

To hide your WhatsApp data from the android gallery, simply follow the steps described below.

Step1: First download and install ES File Manager in your Android smartphone.

Step2: Now open the ES File Explorer, and rename the Whatsapp folder by going to your phone storage. After clicking on rename, save it by putting a dot (.) next to Whatsapp.

Note: After renaming the folder of Whatsapp, all your Whatsapp data will be hidden from a gallery, if you want to hide only images or videos from a gallery, then open the Whatsapp folder and open the media folder inside it. And now let’s rename the folder of Whatsapp images/videos with a dot (.).

Step3: Now after saving the folder, go to the setting of the photo and go to the system apps and open Gallery and clear it.

Step4: Now open the Baps gallery, now your Whatsapp data has been hidden. Now if you want to show WhatsApp’s data then open the ES File Explorer and open the left side menu and show Hidden Files on.

Step6: Now you have to show many hidden folders, select Whatsapp and rename the father. (Delete dot!)

Step7: Now your data will start showing in Baps gallery. If not, then once you restart your mobile phone or clear the gallery.

I hope now you might have understood how to hide Whatsapp or any file manager’s data from Gallery? How to easily hide from a gallery in free or hide WhatsApp photos and videos from Gallery?

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