How to fix mobile hang problem!

How to fix mobile hang problem!

mobile hang problem in Hindi! If your Android mobile phone hangs up? So today in this post, if we hang on to the mobile phone then what should we do? How to save mobile from hanging? How to prevent mobile hanging? How to fix mobile hang problem?

Cheap Android Smartphones are the biggest problem hanging of If your mobile also has a ram, then there is no doubt that he hangs. If you do not want your mobile phone to hang and smooth and fast, today in this post, I will tell you how to fix mobile hang problem?

Having more apps installed in lower ram android phones, your phone often hangs. So if your phone’s ram is too low, only work apps can not install faltu. If your phone still hangs on, today in this post, I will tell you how to fix the Mobile Hang up?

How to fix mobile hang problem?

#1 Use Best Antivirus & Cleaner Apps!

If you do not want your phone to hang, then use any one of the best Antivirus & Cleaner app and keep in mind that just use one of the Antivirus & Cleaner app, do not exceed one.

You can read this ↓ post to know about the best antivirus & cleaner app.

#2 Uninstall Faltu & Pre-installed Apps!

Keeping apps free of charge makes our phone slow down very much. And the pre-installed app that comes along with the phone also slow down the speed of our phones, and hangs our phone. So if you want your phone to hang up and run very fast, then uninstall faltu’s pre-installed app.

#3 Install Apps In External Memory!

Whenever we install an application, install it in Internal Memory, and even after downloading the app from the playstore, it automatically installs itself into internal memory. And your phone’s internal memory gets full, because of which your phone starts to hang.

If you do not want your mobile to hang, then you can install apps in external memory, if you download from the play store, then you can move later.

#4 Clear Cache/Cookies/Data & Force Stop!

By using any android application more time, its size increases significantly. Which can slow down the speed of your phone, if you want your phone to remain smooth and fast, you keep clearing your app’s data on time-time.

Setting >> Apps >> Select App & Clear Data to Clear Cache / Cookies / Data & Force Stop of Android Application

#5 Properly Exit Every Application!

Very often it happens that when we use a Heavy Game & App, then do not exit properly, due to which it keeps on ringing your phone’s phone, and also slowing the speed of your phone. is.

So if you want your phone to remain smooth and fast, then exit every application properly.

#6 Don’t Install Useless Applications!

If the ram of your android mobile phone is low, then take care of the fact that do not install extra money on your phone, and only use work apps. Installing more apps will slow your phone significantly.

#7 Don’t Install High Version Applications!

If you are using an old Android Smartphone, and its ram is low, then take care also to ensure that no higher version & more MB install the app but rather use the less mb app, The phone will also run fast and will not even hang.

#8 Update Your Mobile Software!

If you do not want your phone to hang much, keep it up to date always. If your phone has been updated, then update it just for that. This will bring new options to your phone, and the version of your OS will also be updated so that you can also install higher version apps in it.

#9 Restart Your Smartphone!

After following the 8 tips mentioned above, restart your phone once in the last. And time to time restart your phone, and after a restart, wait a little longer, and then only use your own, doing this will hang your phone low, and will also fast.

So friends were some of those tips that you can stop hanging your phone after following.

Hopefully, now you should know what is the problem of ma mobile problem in Hindi! And what if the mobile hangs? How to fix mobile hang problem? And how to stop hanging your mobile?

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