How to Create a Facebook Hacking App

How to Create a Facebook Hacking App

facebook account hack? How do I copy the password to Hindi? If you want to hack someone’s Facebook account, then how to make a Facebook Account Hack?  I have already told about it, today in this post how do we create Junkie’s Facebook Hacking App?

How To Hack Friends  Facebook Account  I have already told about 5 ways to hack an ID. But if you want to create a Facebook Hacking App and software, today in this post, I will tell you how to create a Facebook Hacking App. How to hack anyone’s Facebook account easily by creating Facebook Hacking App?

If you want to hack someone’s Facebook account, then this is an Alternative & Best Method, in which you can easily hack your Facebook account by fooling your victim by creating a fake Facebook App.

How to create a Facebook Hacking App?

Part One: Create Fake Phishing Page.

If you do not know how to create a facebook phishing page? So how do Facebook Account Hack?  In this post, you will find full details of this in detail.

# 1: First of all, you have to sign up for any free hosting site to create a fake phishing page.

After creating an account on # 2: 000webhost, create your new site.

# 3: Now click on the upload file and go to File Manager and open the Public.htm folder.

# 4: Now download the FB phishing script file and extract it. After extract, you get two files in it.

  1. Index.htm
  2. Hack.php

# 5: Now upload these two files in the public.htm folder, now click on the index.htm file to open your phishing site.

# 6: Now your fake phishing site is ready, copy its URL and copy it.

Now half of your work has been done, now you have to make facebook hacking software.

Part Two: Create Hacking Software.

If you do not know how to create your own mobile app without coding online then how to make your  Android App – How to create a mobile app will be found in this post.

# 1: First go to AppsGeyser ‘s site. And click Create Now. And then click on the option with the website.

# 2: Now enter the URL (which had created a fake webpage on it and copied its URL, paste it here.)

# 3: After entering the URL, view the preview, and click Next.

# 4: Now upload the Description and after uploading the Description, click next.

# 5: Now upload any of your app icons. (You can upload and upload any Facebook icon from Google.) then click on next, and then click on the create app.

# 6: Now sign in with your email or password and then after email confirmation please download your app.

# 7: Now You are Done! Your Facebook Hacking App is now ready. Now you can download and install this app in the phone whose Facebook account you want to hack.

Now as soon as your victim recognizes this as a real Facebook app, it will log in with its Facebook account, its username and password will come to you.

Friends Victim’s username or password will only come in your 000webhost account. Go To 000Webhost> File Manager> Open Public.htm Folder> Now you will find a new file called Futuretricks.htm here, open it and you will get your victims username or password.

So friends can create Facebook Hacking App and software like this, and hack Facebook’s account by creating a Facebook Hacking App.

Hope you know now how to create a Facebook Hacking App? How to hack anyone’s Facebook account by creating Facebook Hacking App?

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