10 Amazing Instagram Tricks – 2019 ✔

the number of people using Instagram has skyrocketed in the past few years and I’m willing to bet that after Reading This Post. if you have Instagram you are really gonna use at least one of the things I show you and if I don’t you will not be able to resist yourself from downloading it.

so that that being said yo wassup guys the Browns are in here and if you guys like the type of content we are producing these days be sure to drop  Comment Down to the shadow and the that being said let’s get started.

we are back after a long time because I was very busy regarding my admissions now I finally admitted to Chartres University so don’t waste any time let’s come to the point and the very first trick is to hold and pin an emoticon or a sticker on your face or on your hand so for this just record the video first after that tap on the emoticon button select any sticker then just tap and hold and after that place it to lock its position and you can also adjust the duration you can also do this on a face and I hope you all liked this trick .

the second trick is to hide your stories from unwanted peepers this trick is not known by many Instagram users so for this just go to your profile then go to the settings scroll down and select story controls after that tap on hide story from button and select those account you want to hide the stories from.

if you want to upload any party or hangout stories then you can’t block your family members the third trick is to identify any account that you are following is a private account or an open account so open the account first and press the follow button.

if it shows a pop-up like if you change your mind you will have to request to follow again that means it is a private account and if it asks a confirmation like unfollow at the rate username that means it is an open account .

the fourth trick is that now you can request for a verification batch but currently this option is only available on iOS devices and a proper new video on bluetick is also coming soon for requesting verification batch go to your profile then go to settings then click on request for verification and there you will have to attach and the identity proof and after that they will review your account make sure you do bookmark to our Website and press the bell allow icon because boutique new tutorial post is coming very soon on my blog .

Android users to the fifth trick is to use Instagram application as a professional editing app just open any image use filters and other editing options then airplane mode to your phone and then after that after completing the editing process just tap on Next button and put the edited picture After that it will show an error like will autopost when it’s possible then just tap the three dots and select discard post after that your edited photo will be saved automatically to your gallery this six trick is to find out that who visits your profile your all-star account for this you will have to download this application from the link given below in the description because this application is a premium application you will have to download it from the description only so find out your secret admirers using this application.

the 7th trick is to hide your online and last active status from your followers for this go to your profile then go to the settings after that go to activity status and here turn off the show activity status button for hiding your activity status and your last scene viii useful thing you can do with Instagram as you can find the real pictures of any location suppose everyone to search for an on google images of Ladakh just search for hashtag Ladakh or hashtag any location you want and you can also navigate many pictures by other Instagram users who use the hashtag location name and this is the best method to explore real pictures of any place .

the ninth trick is that you can add any story to your highlights like all the stories you uploaded on your account on your Instagram account till date is stored on Instagram server they get removed after 24 hours but still you can restore it just go to your profile tap on the new button and scroll up to find any old story you have up.

you have ever uploaded on your Instagram account the last trick is that you can download all the data of your Instagram account all post and pictures videos everything for this just go to your profile then.o to your settings and after that a slow down and select data download.

  1. there enter your email address and after that click on request download button and they will send all data within the next 48 hours I hope you all enjoyed this video a lot so post on Instagram followers bluetick request tutorial and instagram private account post is also coming very soon so make sure you press the bell icon for future notification so guys if you have any question in your mind regarding this post please put a comment below in the comment section .

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